September 2019

end of summer deliciousness
Lotte Strawberries & Cream Pie No Mi

Calbee Natural Chips

Unique product – These sour cream chips contain 10 billion lactobacillus healthy bacteria in each bag! Woo hoo! Healthy chip eating…..sort of…

Pure Potato

Tohato Salty Butter Cookies

The chocolate ones were so popular earlier in the year we thought we’d bring back the “Salty” brand with this butter flavour!

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Lotte Toppo

Cheese tart flavoured Toppo straws. Cheese puffs, tarts and cakes have become popular in Japan in recent years these are a great take on Pocky type straws with cheese!

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Bake Mint

Limited edition mint flavoured chocolates. Melt in the mouth minty chocolate!

Dekavita C

Dekavita C

Suntory’s original energy drink Dekavita C is now an energy tablet!

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Balanced nutrition bar BUT it actually tastes good! Moist chocolate brownie!

Rich Green Tea

Rich Green Tea

Kirin’s rich green tea. Lovely mellow taste

Kameda Happy Turn Rice Crackers

Morokoshi Wataro

A Popular taro snack from Ibaraki prefecture

Strawberry Cake Chocolate Slice

Meiji Grape Bubblegum

Some of the most popular gum in Japan from Meiji. Included in September’s box, black grape flavour

Strawberry Cake Chocolate Slice

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger

There’s so many varieties of Umaibo now but this is one of our favourites – Teriyaki Burger!

Also in this month’s box:

– Gacha,¬†Hello Kitty Country Ma’am Cookie

* Our products are not suitable if you have any allergies or special dietary concerns. All our products may contain allergens.