October 2019

It's Halloween!

Halloween Kit Kats!

Each box contains a special Halloween full size bag of kit kats! Random choice of either regular Kit Kats with Halloween packaging or apple pie Kit Kats covered in violet white chocolate.

Lotte Strawberries & Cream Pie No Mi
Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Fanta Grape

Goes great with a Kit Kat! Fanta grape flavour 

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Umaibo Cheese

These were so popular when we did them last year so we’ve brough them back for Halloween. Umaibo cheese rings!

Dekavita C

Black Thunder

Now Summer is over it’s time for some chocolate again! Black thunder classic in October’s box

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Lotte Choco Pie

The choco pie you know and love but in Halloween packaging. One of five designs in every box.

Rich Green Tea

Lotte Koala March

Lotte’s classic Koala March dressed up for Halloween! It’s hard to just have one or two! They will go quick!

Kameda Happy Turn Rice Crackers

Kanro Pure Gummies

Random choice of orange or grape Halloween gummies in every box

Strawberry Cake Chocolate Slice

Fujiya Home Pie

One pack of this popular Japanese biscuit included in each pack with Halloween decoration. Sugar coated pie cookie with a hint of coconut

Strawberry Cake Chocolate Slice

Pocky Strawberry

Pocky always does a Halloween version of their popular snack and this year is no exception. Pack of Strawberry Pocky in each box. 

Also in this month’s box:

– Gacha, Senbei & More!

* Our products are not suitable if you have any allergies or special dietary concerns. All our products may contain allergens.