November 2019

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Honey & Lemon

In keeping with our yellow Pokemon theme, this honey and lemon drink is tasty and colorful!

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Tohato Pokemon

Chocolate flavored corn puffs in the shape of your favorite Pokemon character – Pikachu!

Dekavita C

Pokemon Noodles

Soy sauce flavored ramen. Take out the pakcet from inside the lid, add hot water to the line then wait 3 minutes. Enjoy!

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Koikeya Seafood Snacks

Koikeya make some of the highest quality chips & snacks in Japan. These are a seafood variety with shrimp, squid, scallops and sea urchin

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Pear Gummies

We couldn’t stop eating these in the office! Pear juice in every juicy gummy drop!

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Stickers & Gum

Pokemon gum with a Pokemon themed sticker in every pack

Dekavita C

Watermelon Seed Candy

Looks like a watermelon seed but tastes like juicy watermelon!

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Ramune Candy

These are called fortune telling candy in Japan

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Pokemon Wafer

Chocolate Wafer biscuit with random choice of Pokemon packet design

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Black Thunder

The Thin One! We love this black thunder, it’s a large slim bar with chocolate biscuit in the middle.

Dekavita C

Pokemon Gummies

Grape flavored gummies shaped like Pikachu!

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Flavor Changing Candy

These Pikachu candy change flavor between strawberry, melon and watermelon as they’re chewed

Also in this month’s box:

Gira Gira Sunshine Pokemon Gacha, Umaibo Corn Potage and Senbei

* Our products are not suitable if you have any allergies or special dietary concerns. All our products may contain allergens.