March 2019

Real Gold Drink

Sparkling Apple

This is a really delicious Kobe apple sparkling juice. 100% apple and 100% flavor! White grape version!


Ramen Sour cream and onion Pringles

Plum Ramen Snack

Plum flavored ramen style snack with a rich and sour flavorful plum taste finished with red shiso flakes.

Big Thunder Chocolate Bar

Popped Rice Carrot

The classic dagashi snack is box! Crispy popped rice packed in a carrot!


Morinaga Caramel Chocoball

Black Grape Gochi

We love these in the office; black grape gochi. They’re ultra sweet chewies with black grape juice and covered in sugar.

Strawberry Fruit Roll Up


Ottotto means an expression of pleasant surprise. These classic Japanese crunchy baked snacks shaped like sea creatures delivers just that!

Cola Popping Candy

5 Yen Milk Chocolate

Big bag of 5 yen milk chocolate pieces. These actually used to cost 5 yen but not anymore unfortunately!

Cola Powder


New flavor of this popular Japanese snack, this has a perfect umami taste with shrimp and sea bream extract. Give it a try and let us know if you like it!


Babystar Yakisoba Flavour

Babystar Yakisoba Flavor

Classic babystar snack in Yakisoba flavor. Hard to stop eating delicious flavor of fried noodles and soy sauce!

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter

Osaka Special

This special rice cracker with the rabbit on the pack is famous from Osaka. Cooked by hand since 1953, this “full moon” thick cracker is a delicious taste of Osaka!

Squid Jerkey

Miso Katsu

This delicious specialty of Nagoya is miso katsu. The taste of a fried cutlet “katsu” with miso sauce in a handy bar you can eat anywhere!

Also in this month’s box:

– Gacha
– Cat Chocolate
– Umaibo
– Chewing Gum