June 2019


Okinawa Coca Cola

Unique Okinawa Coca Cola can featuring images from around Okinawa!

Tohato Salty Cookies

Green Tea Stars

A well known product in Japan this is new for 2019! Green Macha tea added to the white chocolate stars!

Strawberry & White Chocolate Hokkaido Black Thunder

Consomme Hoops

Consomme flavour potato hoops that adds the flavor and sweetness of carrot, onion and tomato vegetables, plus the flavor of chicken.

Calbee Honey & Butter Potato Crisps

Cup Potato Snack

Crispy cup snack with a delicious salty taste finished with sesame oil. 

Black Thunder Kinako


Random choice of 3 flavours of this popular Soy bar including Almond & Chocolate, Blueberry & Strawberry.


Ume Soda

Roll Up Cola

Roll Up Cola Candy. 50cm of delicious fun candy. Made in Japan since 1960

Bourbon Disney Biscuit

Calpis Mintia

In a combo of two popular products, Calpis soda meets Mintia mints. 


Glica Balance Bar

Meiji Super String

126cm of candy deliciousness, share it with a friend and recreate lady and the tramp! Cola & Soda flavour.

Mini Asparagus Biscuits

Daikon Snack

A very Japanese snack! Pickled daikon! A type of radish. 


Also in this month’s box:

– Gacha
– Umaibo
– Roasted Senbei