February 2020

Strawberry YUM!
Giant Caplico Strawberry

Strawberry Marshmallow Pie

These are gorgeous and getting 5 star reviews on Japanese websites. A genius combination of a strawberry marshamllow pie wrapped up in a chocolate biscuit!

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Milky Cookies

Milky is a very popular snack brand in Japan. In this combo the creaminess of milk is mixed with a biscuit for a cookies and cream combo!

Dekavita C

Libera “Diet” Chocolate

An interesting idea, these chocs (which taste great by the way) have an indigestible fiber that is supposed to stop the absorbtion of some of the fat and sugar, so munch away!

Giant Caplico Strawberry

UHA Rainbow Ramune

Not just for kids! This rainbow ramune mix from UHA explodes on your tongue! Try and work out the different flavors!

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Milky Chocolate

As if the cookies weren’t enough we have this special milky chocolate filled with it’s signature cream filling

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Ramen Snack

Everyone loves ramen right? Well in this box you can have your own soy and chicken flavored ramen snack!

Dekavita C

Coris Whistle Candy

Tastes great and you can also whistle!

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Tirol Chocolate

A favourite chocolate in Japan, smooth milk flavour.

Also in this month’s box:

Umaibo Cheese & Orion Peach Star Candy

* Our products are not suitable if you have any allergies or special dietary concerns. All our products may contain allergens.