February 2019

Let's get RED!
Real Gold Drink

Sparkling Apple

This is a really delicious Kobe apple sparkling juice. 100% apple and 100% flavor!


Ramen Sour cream and onion Pringles

Strawberry Sasha

A very limited edition Strawberry chocolate from Lotte with 3 kinds of chocolate interwoven with delicious strawberries!

Big Thunder Chocolate Bar

Kakinotane Tirol

This is one you won’t be able to stop munching!

Crunchy pieces of the always popular peanut based snack in a spicy version wrapped in chocolate. These are sooo good!


Morinaga Caramel Chocoball


This range of mints is some of the most popualr in Japan. This version the sugarless Coldsmash is particularly popular for that minty rush!

Strawberry Fruit Roll Up

Juicy C Grape

One of Japan’s Oldest sweets – Juicy C from Kabaya has been in production for over 50 years!

Juicy C started originally with powdered juice and Vitamin C before the formulation was changed to add calcium. Read more about this iconic product here:



Cola Popping Candy

USA Fried Potato

Japan’s take on french fries as a kids snack! See what Japan thinks American french fries taste like!

Cola Powder

Riska Umaibo

The classic corn snack in a large packet pre-cut. This version is flavored with Mentaiko (Pollock roe pickled in various spicy ingredients) Truly a Japanese snack!


Babystar Yakisoba Flavour

Babystar Yakisoba Flavor

Classic babystar snack in Yakisoba flavor. Hard to stop eating delicious flavor of fried noodles and soy sauce!

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter


Similar to Pocky this is a local Okinawan snack. 

Random choice of corn or BBQ in every box!

Squid Jerkey


Anpanman chocolate candy stick! Comes in five different character designs. Which will you get?

Also in this month’s box:

– Gacha
– Dagashi Pack
– Cat Chocolate
– Pokemon Chewing Gum
– Chocolate covered corn snack