December 2019

Winter Treats
Giant Caplico Strawberry

Sweet Potato Kit Kat

A local favourite in Okinawa, sweet potato kit kats! Full size bag!

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Lotte Choc Vanilla

Absolutely delicious full size pack of chocolate vanilla sandwiches from Lotte

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Beard Papa

World’s best cream puffs since 1999! These are a Japanese legend and a brand new packaged product!

Dekavita C

Bubble Gum

Super sour flavour ramune bubble gum

Sequoia Chocolate Strawberry

Country Ma’am

These are some of our favourite cookies from Japan, this one is orange and fruit!

Giant Caplico Strawberry

Cola Sherbet

Old school retro candy of a cola flavored sweet with a bag of sherbet

Dekavita C

Takoyaki Snack

Crispy takoyaki style snack with hints of red ginger. Very moreish!

Glico Balance Mini Cake Chocolate Brownie

Kinako Stick

An old fashioned candy made with kinako, mizuame and sugar with no additives

Also in this month’s box:

Four assorted dagashi snacks 

* Our products are not suitable if you have any allergies or special dietary concerns. All our products may contain allergens.